Newsagent Support & Channel Management

The Australian magazine market is characterised by over 7,500 quality broad range outlets. Through our branched offices and contracted warehouses in all states, we service over 5,000 newsagents, 3,000 supermarkets, variety and retail outlets Australian-wide, 3 times per week in excess of one million deliveries p.a.

We pride ourselves on our customer relationships and ensure optimum advantages are achieved for our publishers entering and maintaining their retail alignment. This is particularly important for the supermarket chains and for the emerging opportunities with new entrants to the retail magazine sector.

Network Services continues to support the newsagency channel by supplying suitable quantities of quality publications and any additional complementary products to increase long term store traffic (for example, posters and other point of sale).

Network Services provide replenishment of quality titles and products to effectively streamline the delivery and returns cycle.

We work to maintain the information flow between the newsagents and the supply chain. We are actively involved in industry IT issues, investing in EDI order placement and fulfilment options such as scanpacking.

Marketing and Merchandising

Network Services offers marketing expertise and innovation in the areas of promotion, communication, point-of-sale production and research.

When launching or promoting products, Network Services work closely with the publisher to develop an effective marketing campaign.

Promotional support includes:
· Preparing marketing campaigns;
· Producing Point Of Sale material;
· Liasing with retail chains to secure promotional positions;
· Sourcing premium offers;
· Organising competitions, retailer incentives, sampling and bonus offers;
· Working in association with trade shows, expo's and special events;
· Public Relations activity.

Promotional activities for our publisher and retailer clients are always supported by analysis of the magazine market; category trends; retail channel performance; competitor activities; Nielsen scan data (supermarkets); audited ABC results; Roy Morgan Readership results.

Network Services provides access to merchandising services and together with the publisher, can tailor a service program to meet their targeted needs.

Merchandising support is offered to newsagents and supermarkets nationally. Services include display and promotional support, title positioning and presentation, post analysis surveys and field feedback.

Merchandising services aim to maximise magazine sales and exposure through:
· Educating retailers on the product and assisting them with queries
· Improving presentation and positioning of the title
· Advising on re-orders and stock quantity
· Placing of Point Of Sale material to maximise title exposure
· Utilising dump bins, rack ends, small windows and other display opportunities
· Collecting and reporting feedback and market intelligence

Network Service Bureau

Vision Statement
Outstanding Group of Professionals Working Towards One Aim; To Deliver Exceptional Value to Customers, Shareholders and One Another.

The Network Service Bureau has been established as a full customer service centre providing a gamut of services to subscribers, newsagents and retailers throughout Australia.

The Network Service Bureau provides the central communication link with newsagents, supermarkets, publishers and subscribers. Answering an average of 3,000 calls per day, the Network Service Bureau has a large, highly skilled team of dedicated Customer Service Representatives, Customer Support and IT Network.

Utilising new telephone technology and software systems, the Network Service Bureau is operated by professionally trained customer service staff. These people are dedicated to newsagent and customer support, thus ensuring the fastest inquiry turnaround and more efficient operating hours.

Aiming for ‘First Call Resolution’ and outstanding customer service, the centre has strict quality control measures in place.

Special additional features of the Network Service Bureau include; ‘Live’ reporting of re-order trends, the potential for automated services to retailers, and the Outbound Service Centre offered to publishers and related industry bodies.

The Network Service Bureau was a winner of the 2001 Teleperformance Media Call Centre of the Year and a finalist in the ATA Call Centre of the Year in 2001 and 2002. This does not mean we will slow down our efforts in excellence. New technology and training programs are continually being investigated and developed to achieve our goal of providing a level of service to our customers that is second to none.

Network Services Delivery Program

The Network Services Delivery Program (NSDP) provides publishers with an alternative, competitive service for the delivery of subscription magazines and other products.

From the time the NSDP commenced delivery of the Bauer Media stable of magazines in May 2003, it has grown to deliver products on behalf of some of Australia’s major publishers. In its first full year of operation (FY 2003/04) the NSDP delivered over 3,500,000 units to subscribers across Australia.

The strength of the NSDP lies in its operational platform, which utilises the existing infrastructure of newsagents’ retail sites and delivery rounds. Quality of delivery is provided through contractual service standards, and through a robust reporting structure, which tracks the product at each stage, right to the subscriber’s door.

This operational depth is backed by the cutting edge technology of the NSDP’s systems. At any stage the exact location of a subscriber and the relevant NSDP delivery agent can be pinpointed through the sophisticated mapping software, customised specially for this program.

The NSDP includes additional services for all delivery agents, through the Network Services’ website. The site provides online product sorting and management tools to assist delivery agents in developing greater operational efficiencies.

Integrated Services
The NSDP is also offered in tandem with our Subscription Management services, and offers advice on competitive fulfilment services for a complete, integrated delivery solution.

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